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Scottsdale Orthotics Offers a New 3D Scanning Technology

Foot discomfort affects millions of people, and it can range from mild discomfort to severe limitations on daily functions. In modern society, we spend a great deal of time standing or walking on concrete and hard surfaces. Walking is an important activity and, whether for work or relaxation, foot pain can interfere with this vital activity. Custom foot orthotics is an excellent remedy for foot pain and discomfort; foot orthotics is a great way to keep our foundation in top-notch condition.

Orthotics Provide Both Comfort and Stability

Foot comfort is important; most people depend on walking to perform daily tasks, exercise and move about for nearly every reason. The feet support body weight when standing, and absorb tremendous amounts of force when walking and running. Shoes support the feet, and they perform an important function in preserving the shape of the arch and distributing force. Shoes alone often fail to provide enough comfort, and many need foot orthotic devices to improve fit and support. Many people buy over the counter shoe linings and pads which can move about within a shoe and fail to provide support at key pressure points. Customized and precise fit is the key to effective foot orthotics. There is no substitute for custom orthotics; to be effective, one must closely tailor support to the individual contours

Custom Orthotics Are Built by Performing a 3D Scan of Your Feet

Modern technology has improved the fit and performance of custom foot orthotics; the medical facility provides completely made to order services.The precision system for orthotics in Scottsdale AZ creates a custom foot pad from a 3D foot scan. This technique captures the exact shape of the foot and can use many angles to find the perfect form for total support. Made from a precision 3-D scan, the custom orthotic meets the exact contours of the customer’s foot.

We Accept Most Types of Insurance

Advanced fitting techniques and materials offer orthotics wearers a new possibility in comfort and health benefits. In a range that includes reduced foot, leg, and back pain to improved posture, technology has combined favorably with medical practices. Customers benefit from technical advances combined with foot-care experience. Additionally, we accept most types of insurance which can be beneficial to our patients.

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For immediate relief from chronic foot pain and the best support for any level of activity, get precision orthotics. A custom foot pad can transform an ordinary pair of shoes; with custom orthotics they can provide therapeutic benefits. Only available for custom measurement and fitting at our medical office location; we provide custom orthotics in Scottsdale AZ.

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